• Let’s talk case preparation.  So you saved your Freedom Munitions brass after a trip to the range and now you want to reload them with your X-Treme Bullets projectiles, what are you using to clean and prepare your brass?  A lot of first time reloaders start out with dry media ...
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    Whether you're a hunter, competitive shooter, or just a casual rifle shooter, generating a ballistics chart is one of the most important things you can do to ensure first round hits.  What is a ballistics chart and how do you get one you ask? Have no fear and read on!  In ...
  • Freedom Munitions 2014 Media Day
    One company within the Howell Munitions family that isn't quite as well known is AmmoLoad Worldwide. What does Ammoload do you ask? Well, the short answer is manufacture the finest commercial in-line loading machine on the market. By using an In-Line loader, all of the rounds go through the same ...
  • 55Vmax Headstamps 1s
    Reloading your own ammo not only provides the shooter with the ability to fine tune a specific load to the shooters needs, but it also is a great way to provide a cost saving alternative to your shooting budget.  There are several important steps during the reloading process that must ...


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Converting 223 brass to 300 Blackout

^^watch video here^^ As a budget oriented shooter and reloader I am always looking for the most cost effective ways to shoot more. 300 Blackout is one of my favorite ...